Ellen Boyle is the “real deal.” Ellen is a REALTOR®, Broker, National Sales Trainer & Motivational Speaker, author, mother and grandmother.

Encouraged by her father, she began her real estate career as a single mother with four kids. She had very little money and credits the real estate business for taking her from rags to riches.

She doesn’t just talk the talk, she has walked the walk.  With 57 listings and a booming career, her world was rocked in 1994 when she was diagnosed with advanced breast cancer.  She had no time for the intrusion. Ellen suffered through major surgery and the agonizing months of chemotherapy. She was determined to take care of her kids and continue building her business.

She learned how to turn lemons into lemonade. That year ended by her being recognized as the #1 closed unit producer for her entire company with over 2000 agents! Practicing as a solo, agent she had closed over 100 deals in 12 months. She won over the cancer.

Her vast knowledge of sales and service, coupled with sharpened skills, will surely take your business to its next level. Ellen’s experience, high energy, and enthusiasm have made her an expert in residential marketing and promotion.

Ellen has always been open to exploring different roles in real estate.  She changed gears and accepted a position as Director of Training, then later was hired as CEO/Team Leader for another large real estate firm, and is now President of Ellen Boyle Seminars/The REAL Coach.

Ellen’s hands-on workshops and seminars are highly informative, motivational and inspirational. She truly loves what she does and she will tell you that, “When you do what you love, you’ll never work another day in your life!”


Today Ellen is highly requested as a keynote speaker as well as for teaching her agent seminars and workshops.  Ellen teaches from coast to coast.

Ellen’s most popular workshop is BESTT.  BESTT is an acronym for BUILDING EXCEPTIONAL SALESPEOPLE THROUGH TRAINING.  This is an intense 8 day seminar that leaves attendees with powerful scripts, tips and secrets of success.

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